60th Birthday Celebration

Our challenge was to create Anne and David a memorable 60th birthday celebration that they would remember for years to come.

They had a 50th birthday 10 years earlier and so the challenge was to make this one bigger and better in every way!

Our Creation

After meeting with David and Anne and having a feel for the design and feel they wanted looking at colours and themes we decided on a theme ‘A night with the stars’ this would be a night of ritz, glitz and glam!!

The guest experience would begin from the entrance of the hotel with Hollywood search lights and high powerful lighting to welcome them into our champagne reception. The guests were greeted by our fantastic Hollywood stars as they had their picture taken against the Hollywood backdrop.

Kellie’s company logo includes the words ‘events that people talk about’, and we can most certainly offer testimony to this!

David and I approached Kellie regarding the planning for our 60th birthday party. At that that time we had a party venue and approximate numbers of 250 but other than that we had a blank canvas, partly reflecting the fact that we had used up other themes are our previous parties.

Kellie was able to tease out of us our thoughts and aspirations and then offered some suggestions, which were improved and honed over various conversations until we were all happy. Collectively we came up with a concept of an ‘Oscar’s’ theme and a ‘Night with the Stars’.

I am sure from Kellie’s point of view getting an agreed concept was the easy bit because she had to formulate that into a detailed plan that covered the whole party from beginning to end and then execute the plan.

Kellie proved to be an outstanding party organiser, without a shadow of a doubt she knows her stuff! And like a true expert, she made it look all so effortless!

The evening was planned to perfection. Great attention was given to every detail such that on the night what enfolded can only be described as awesome!Kellie took control of every aspect of the day from arranging for the room to be transformed to the hiring of staff and special features, to other details such as flowers for family, appointments at hairdressers and safe guarding of cards and presents on the evening.

Such that by the time we were ready to step out to greet our guests everything was set perfectly. From the moment we arrived at the champagne reception to entering the main room which had been decorated in such spectacular style that it literally took our breaths away, our party was the most amazing night!

Since the party our guests have literally bombarded us with thank you cards and letters describing the night as the ‘best party they’ve ever been to’, ‘an amazing night’, ‘fantastic’, ‘brilliant’, ‘the party of a life-time’ I could go on and on.The party, the hotel and so many other things will be talked about for years!

We would have no hesitation in recommending Kellie as an event organiser. Without doubt, we could see that she had put the time and the effort into preparing everything and then executed it with style, grace and charm.

When we have our next party it might not necessarily be at the Titanic but it will without doubt involve Kellie. She was the ‘star’ that made our party shine brightly! We owe her a huge debt of gratitude!

Anne Hagan & David Judge