Merseyrail train depot launch

We had been given the task to assist in launching  the new Kirkdale Service Depot for Swiss Rail service provider Stadler Rail.
Merseyrail revealed in December 2017  that it was buying a £460m new fleet of trains from Swiss firm Stadler. The trains will be faster and able to carry more passengers. The new depot is set to be completed in 2019, when the first new trains will arrive for testing.

Our Creation  


We set about and undertook the challenge with great excitement! Our dedicated team worked through visuals with the client and set about designing there vision, We were given the task to provided Visuals and sound for there launch  event this took place on the Newley purpose build  service platform of new Kirkdale service depot for Stadler Rail.

Our technicians


Our technicians built a  4 x 4m truss system with a featured LED video wall, we also provided  a line array bespoke speaker design across the service platform. We also assisted Mersey Travel with a  virtual reality area were we gave there guests a virtual reality experience of  the Class 777 electric multiple trains  built by the Swiss  company Stadler.

The production


The main event took place in the new service depot there focal point  was a large stage area with a featured LED wall, we also provided a number of large LED displays showing artiste visuals of new facilities. The new fleet is expected to be fully in traffic by 2021.

Many thanks to you and your team as everything went really well and I received solely positive feedbacks from many guests & Stadler responsible. Further comments as below which you also can use for your studies:

–        Very good service (preparation, consulting, time flexibility, readiness)

–        Adequate equipment (quality, size)

–        In general: everything looked really professional and which is really important, every slides/background/etc. was played at the right time

In conclusion, I was really happy with your work and would definitely consider or recommend to work with you again. At this stage in time I assume Alice Owen (cc) will organize the next event(s).

Dominik Koster
Programme Controller & Project Manager